4 Steps to a Disability-Friendly Parking Lot

To make your business profitable, you need to cater to your customers’ needs. One important way to meet their needs is to ensure your parking lot is accessible for people with disabilities.

Here are four steps you can take to improve your parking lot.

1. Add Accessible Parking Spots

Remember that you are legally required to provide accessible parking spots for people with disabilities. Creating accessible parking spots allows people with disabilities to park closer to your business. It also benefits your business by giving more people the opportunity to use your products and services.

You’re legally required to provide one accessible parking spot per 25 total parking spots. If your parking lot has fewer than 25 spots, you’re still required to have one accessible parking spot.

Some types of businesses require more disability spots. In hospital outpatient buildings, 10% of the spots must be accessible. In rehabilitation facilities and physical therapy facilities, 20% of the spots must be accessible.

According to the latest Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, you must include one van-accessible space for every six accessible spaces. Fortunately, you don’t have to make these changes right away. But you are required to make this change once you make other updates to your parking lot. So if you plan to update your parking lot, make sure you get it relined to meet ADA standards.

2. Add ADA-Compliant Curb-Cut Ramps

Even though they can park in accessible parking spots, people who use wheelchairs may still be unable to enter your business. Adding a curb-cut ramp allows them to smoothly travel from the parking lot to the sidewalk.

Help your customers by asking a Sealcoating America crew to build one of these ramps into your sidewalk. They should ensure the measurements and slope meet ADA guidelines.

3. Invest in Crack Filling and Pothole Patching

Cracks and potholes in your parking lot create a tripping hazard for people with and without disabilities.

Potholes begin to form when water seeps beneath the parking lot’s pavement. When cars drive over these areas repeatedly, the pavement sinks lower and lower. To repair these potholes, a parking lot maintenance company removes dirt and dust from the pothole and pours asphalt to fill the hole.

Cracks can also endanger your customers. Cracks develop over time when moisture flows through your parking lot. To make sure your cracks don’t create a tripping hazard, have a parking lot maintenance crew fix them immediately. The maintenance crew can fill these cracks so they no longer plague your parking lot.

If your parking lot has many huge cracks that resemble alligator skin, it will benefit from a process called full depth reclamation. Through this process, Sealcoating America rolls and re-grades the existing parking lot materials to create a stronger base. This process restores your parking lot and protects it from further damage.

4. Invest in Sidewalk Repairs

Just like your parking lot, your sidewalk can develop cracks, chips, and other issues over time. Workers can repair these issues and even rebuild your sidewalk if necessary. These changes can help people with disabilities comfortably walk or ride to the entrance.

Repairing your sidewalk has another benefit besides safety. It improves the appearance of your storefront, which gives customers a good impression of your business and even attracts more customers.


Do you want to help people with disabilities feel comfortable entering your business? Pay attention to these important steps. Soon, you’ll attract more customers and gain an excellent reputation in your community. Sealcoating America can provide any of these parking lot services throughout Florida. Call us today for a free quote.