9 Reasons To Use Asphalt Paving Instead Of Concrete

The large majority of pavement, from residential driveways to supermarket parking lots, is either made of asphalt paving or concrete. When your business parking lot needs to be redone or a new road needs to be constructed, you may wonder which of these two options you should use. You may notice that most of the nation’s paved roads and parking lots happen to be asphalt, but you may not know why.

In this blog, we go over the top nine reasons to use asphalt for your paving as opposed to concrete.

1. Cost-Effective

Asphalt is the most cost-effective choice for paving. Asphalt can cost as much as 40 percent less than the same amount of concrete. It’s also significantly easier to maintain than concrete, meaning you spend less on maintenance and repairs.

2. Faster Installation

Installing an asphalt parking lot, road, or driveway is a remarkably fast process. Of course, the work time period depends on the scope and square footage of the project, but a driveway can take one or two days to install. Even a small concrete project takes several work days longer.

3. Quicker Accessibility

Typically,after asphalt has been installed, it can be accessible to traffic immediately. Concrete typically requires a time to cure before being accessible to traffic.

4. No Spalling

Spalling occurs when the surface of concrete pavement flakes. Spalling happens fora number of reasons, for example, if the concrete wasn’t installed correctly or the mixture contained excess water, your concrete can spall. Asphalt doesn’t have this problem and never spalls.

5. Less Cracking

Asphalt has a certain flexibility, meaning it takes more strain for asphalt to crack. Concrete is non-flexible and must include control joints in the design to handle any cracking that occurs. While your asphalt may develop minor cracks at some point, it won’t happen as often, nor will it be as damaging.

6. Lower Maintenance

Needs Maintaining your asphalt paved areas is both cheaper and easier than maintaining concrete. The materials themselves are cheaper and repairs take significantly less time. Asphalt repairs can take a couple of hours as opposed to days,especially if the problem is addressed early.

7. More Attractive

If your asphalt does start to discolor and turn gray,all you need is to apply new sealcoating to return the pavement to its former beauty. Once concrete is stained and discolored, there’s little you can do to restore it.

8. Better Visibility

The dark color of asphalt serves as a good contrast for any markings on the pavement. Whether it’s parking lines, traffic flow indicators, or crosswalk markers, it’s easier for both drivers and pedestrians to see markings on black asphalt as opposed to light concrete.

9. High Durability

Regular preventative maintenance can help your asphalt pavement last for many years to come. This maintenance can be as simple as sweeping and basic upkeep or it may include crack repairs and sealcoating. As long as you are providing regular maintenance to your parking lot through asphalt repairs and a sealcoating program, your parking lot can endure up to 30 years. In addition, you will maintain the aesthetically pleasing looks of your parking lot.

Don’t wait any longer fora beautiful, long-lasting,and cost-effective pavement option. Talk to Sealcoating America about installing your asphalt paving today.