Commonly referred to as “mix and mill”, full depth reclamation is an economical means of repairing parking lots and roads that experience base problems. The process is performed by a pulverization of the base along with the existing asphalt. Small amounts of material are removed yet the brunt of it is rolled, re-graded and employed in an effort to create a new base that is later paved over with fresh asphalt. This rehabilitation technique results in a much stronger and more homogeneous material that can withstand a beating in the short-term as well as the long-term.

Full depth reclamation is widely favored for its low cost, remarkable versatility, minimal natural resource requirements and energy savings. It is undoubtedly the most effective way to rehabilitate roads. Full depth reclamation is also considered to be economical because of the use of stabilizing agents like portland cement, lime, foamed asphalt, emulsion and fly ash. This cement functions as a low-cost means of replacing the base that is highly vulnerable to moisture trapped beneath the surface. The application of portland cement during the full depth reclamation process builds a base with considerable resistance to subterranean water tables that cause all sorts of problems for Florida parking lots and roads. When the portland cement is implemented, the lot’s durability is greatly enhanced and the chances of costly repairs arising in the future are quite low.

If it is determined that the existing road materials are not capable of providing considerable strength after the full depth reclamation, additional materials will be added. These materials include recycled aggregate, virgin aggregate, reclaimed asphalt pavement and crushed concrete. It is worth noting that pavements consisting of distorted subgrades are only considered to be legitimate candidates for full depth reclamation if drainage and subgrade deficiencies are corrected at the outset of the project. The machines to perform full depth reclamation are extremely mobile and easily maneuvered. They are capable of processing a vast amount of space including roads / parking lots in urban areas.

Full depth reclamation is often used for parking lots with puzzle-like cracks within the asphalt. It is also ideal for “alligatored” asphalt. This term refers to the appearance of cracks that look like an alligator’s skin. Each of these conditions permits moisture to move on through the cracks and penetrate the base, compromising the lot’s integrity.

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